Source Yoga Studio

The Source Yoga Studio is at 294 Conwy Road in Mochdre, LL28 5DS. Please use the side door on arrival.

Meet the Team


My name is Jadine, I am a young Yoga Instructor from the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I fell in love with a Welsh man while backpacking Australia and ended up moving here to North Wales with him. I find Wales to be an absolute gem for scenery and beauty. I’ve been settled here for over a year now.

Yoga came into my life about 5 years ago when I was 18. This practise has benefited me substantially, as well as continues to guide me as I grow. Yoga has taught me to love myself, speak to myself gently and with support, to challenge myself, connect to my intuition, navigate my through fear and most importantly discover a peaceful sanctuary within myself. The biggest impact I’ve had from bringing yoga into my life, is to live life according to my hearts compass. This provided me with the support, guidance and space to step into my true authentic self.

I want to share my love for yoga with others, my intention for every class is to provide each and every one of my students with a supportive and relaxed environment for them to spend an hour for themselves and to gain the beautiful impact yoga has on ones life.


I love working freelance! Delivering energising fitness and wellbeing I run weekly pregnancy, postnatal yoga and fitness, HITT Pilates, body conditioning and 1-2-1s. I teach family yoga workshops, postural stability correction, chair exercise in nursing home and community settings via falls prevention classes. Corporate wellbeing events, talks and fun fitness are part and parcel of my work.

After 12 years in the industry I reached Exercise Referral level in 2009. Combined quals enable me to work indoors or outdoors for clients living with controlled medical conditions. Mindfulness and meditation play a central role. Sensitive to individual needs. Emphasising technique for the right challenge, offering relevant alternatives, so everybody feels included. I correct old fashioned habits updating movement patterns to support human function in a modern world. My job guides people towards taking part so they too can experience fulfilment, self-confidence, enjoy independent thinking and movement through greater strength and mobility. Oh and of course lots of shared fun and laughter!


Hello!  I’m Nansi and I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 3 years, my particular style is Vinyasa Flow! I am certified with Yoga Alliance and my love for yoga continues to grow everyday. ️My classes aim to connect the mind, body and breath. I like to encourage people to challenge themselves and you’ll work hard in my class without even realising it!

Source Yoga


I’m a certified Sound Healing Practitioner and Gong Practitioner, I qualified through the College of Sound Healing and hold full College Membership. I work across North Wales with groups (general public, corporate teams, teachers, NHS Staff and families) and individuals offering Sound Baths. I also work as a Past Life Regression Therapist and Energy Healer.

Sound Bath sessions have been described as: Relaxing, calming, centring, energising, transforming and healing. It has helped my clients with depression, stress and anxiety, emotional blockages and bereavement, pain management and illness (cancer, MS, ME…) but many also come purely for relaxation.

Source Yoga

Rebecca Sutton – Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Massage

After spending many years living and working in Asia, I became familiar with acupuncture and Chinese style massage. It became my ‘go to’ treatment whenever something felt amiss. Although I didn’t have much understanding into how it worked, I trusted these practitioners and their treatments always put me right. When I returned to the UK, I sought to train in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) so that I could offer people here similar treatments that had worked so well for me. I offer Tui Na, a therapeutic massage and body work. Tui Na is used to treat specific patterns of disharmony within us, it harmonises Yin & Yang in the body by manipulating the Qi (energy) in the acupuncture channels. Tui Na can be used for specific musculoskeletal problems, but also for well-being. Also available is cupping therapy where special cups are placed on the skin to create suction. It can be used for many purposes such as inflammation, pain, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. I practice Traditional Chinese acupuncture and electro acupuncture. Both are excellent for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

You can contact me on 07931283300 or  check out my website

Source Yoga

Helen Jackson (British Wheel of Yoga Accredited 500 hour teacher)

For me yoga should be a nurturing place of non-judgment, acceptance and kindness. A place we can come to balance, renew and explore. I aim to guide with an emphasis on the mind and the breath … not just the physical shapes we make with our bodies.

Committed to ongoing learning and growth, I am currently studying Yoga Therapy. The relevance of ancient yogic wisdom and it’s capacity to heal and connect our physical and emotional well-being fascinates me!

Generally I am happiest when with friends and dogs in our beautiful welsh hills!

Source Yoga

Rosalind Daws.

I practise and teach Reiki – I trained in India in 1999, where I also studied mindfulness and yoga with a buddhist monk who’s main teaching was to slow down and reeeeelax. He also taught me to practise loving-kindness meditation – it remains the centre of all that I do – to practise finding and maintaining kindness, love and tolerance for myself and all beings – a lifetimes work indeed! I trained in Crystal therapy with Hazel Raven and have been working with stones for over 16 years. I love to dance and am a Chakradance facilitator – a meditative movement and exploration of the chakra system that is transformative. I offer individual treatments, Reiki training and Chakradance sessions from Source Yoga. You can contact me through my website, by email or by mobile 07717076360

Source Yoga

Jane Barnes

If I had to sum up yoga in one word it would be ‘MAGIC’ – yoga is pure magic, in the way it transforms us inside and out. In 2010 I started my yoga journey with the brilliant Tori Lang in Cardiff, who masterfully introduced me to the power of yoga, and my wonderment and love for it has grown ever since.

Living in North Wales, I have been fortunate to be taught by inspirational teachers Cathy Ibbotson and Emma Huntley, both of whom continue to nurture my practice.

In 2017 I decided to take the plunge and train to be a yoga teacher with the BWY Diploma course with the wonderful Sarah Beck and started teaching yoga in July 2018. I have previously undertaken cover classes at Source Yoga for Cathy and I am delighted to now have the opportunity of running my very own class here.

In addition to teaching yoga I am also a practising artist and feel there is a real synergy between the two.