Friendly, Enjoyable, Fun yoga classes held in Rhos on Sea


Yoga is all about internal awareness with the postures (asana) used as a vehicle to access the inner self. Emphasis is placed on the breath using it as a way to feel into our body. Asana practice always concludes with either pranayama or meditation and then a guided relaxation.

Please remember that each teacher is different and yoga takes on a myriad of forms starting from gentle, restorative yoga at one end of the scale and moving to the dynamic, challanging practice of ashtanga at the other end. If one class or teacher doesn’t suit you look around and try some other classes rather than assuming that yoga isn’t for you at all. We are all very different and yoga reflects this.

Come along to class and build strength, balance and flexibility in both body and mind and learn to relax whilst you’re doing it.



Cathy Ibbotson
I am a certified BWY Instructor, Traditional Thai Massage therapist
and also qualified to teach Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness’

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2004 and I get more passionate about it the longer I practice. Yoga has brought so many positive changes (and people) into my life and the lessons learnt on the mat are invaluable when faced with the realities of day to day living. The beauty of yoga is that it has something for everyone with age, level of fitness and abilities mattering not a bit.

I believe yoga should be fun and enjoyable and try to keep my classes lighthearted, encouraging anyone with questions to ask rather than feel that they can’t interrupt the session. If you’re interested in learning more give me a call or pop along to class. All sessions apart from Thursday morning are drop in so there is no need to book. Namaste.